Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another of our stories : Elmer the Squid

This is one of my stories, from the cards "Squid", "Food Manufacturing" and "A mysterious phone call".

"I hate working on the baked bean packing line" said Elmer the Squid.

"But you're so good at it - with all those extra legs you can label five cans at once" said Petra Goldfish.

"They're actually called 'tentacles'" pointed out Elmer.

"Oh, great, we really need your pedanticness."

"It's actually called 'pedantry'" muttered Elmer.

Elmer wasn't having a good day. He shouldn't have been on the baked bean packing line - in fact, why did he work in food manufacturing at all? He'd been to Melbourne University and studied philosophy.

Just then, the phone rang. "Is that Elmer the Squid?". It was Eddie McGuire from Channel 9. "Do you want to be a competitor on 'Australia's Brainiest Squid'? You'll be versing squid from all over the country!"

Elmer thought for a while.

"Nice offer, but 'versing' isn't a proper word. See you later!"

And Elmer sat back next to Petra and labelled another tin.

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